Business processes

The four process phases

Construction and planning processes

This phase includes all business processes that deal with the planning and implementation of new construction or conversion measures, as well as refurbishments or modernizations.

Internal processes

This phase includes all processes that run internally and therefore without customer contact.

Management processes

This phase includes all business processes related to the economic use of the property.

Transaction and investment processes

All business processes related to the topic of “financing” are summarized in the phase.

Construction and planning processes
This phase includes all business processes that deal with the planning and implementation of new construction or conversion measures, as well as refurbishments or modernizations.

Internal processes
This phase includes all processes that run internally and therefore without customer contact.

Management processes
This phase includes all business processes related to the economic use of the property.

Transaction and investment processes
All business processes related to the topic of “financing” are summarized in the phase.

Intra-year consumption information

Landlords and property managers must equip apartments with radio-readable meters and provide the residents, monthly the intra-year consumption information.

Building security

Building security summarizes all measures for securing an object. In addition to the protection of the actual building, the people in the building must also be protected.

ESG goals

Sustainability, energy efficiency and social governance are also of great importance in the real estate industry. In this context, real estate companies are increasingly demanding that their buildings have a lower carbon footprint or none at all.

Apartment exchange

Particularly in large cities, a shortage of living space is one of the greatest challenges to be overcome. Moreover, residential space is often not used efficiently and in line with demand.

Temporary Renting

High flexibility, higher rental income and more security: there are many advantages of temporary renting.

Social Management

Social management in the real estate sector encompasses how housing companies deal with the requirements of socially differentiated tenant groups.

Parcel Box / Package Box

Since the Corona pandemic, the flood of parcels has been steadily increasing, while at the same time fewer and fewer people want to pick up their parcels at the post office or at a central pick-up station. The solution are integrated, digital package boxes.

Self Storage

Tenant surveys

Tenant surveys are an important communication tool and provide valuable feedback on where and how service processes can be improved.

Supplier Management

Real estate companies use a wide range of different supplies and services or construction services to manage their properties.

IWMS / Integrated Workplace Management System

The term IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) covers applications in which several software platforms are linked together for optimization purposes.

Authority queries

When purchasing land, information from competent authorities often serves as a key source of decision-making, as they are responsible for managing a large amount of land data.

Digital signpost / orientation and guidance systems

The digital signpost is used in large buildings, such as clinics, shopping malls or office buildings to help visitors find their way around.

Digital House Posting

The digital house notice is the electronic version of the classic house notice, the bulletin board. With a digital house notice, all relevant tenant information is available bundled on one display.

Concierge Service

A concierge service goes far beyond the classic services of a secretary's office. The goal of using a concierge service is to gain more time, the so-called parallel time.

Urban planning

The tasks of urban planning include the development of the city and the social as well as spatial structures within the city. In addition, urban planning controls the spatial infrastructure in the city.

Neighbourhood planning

Quarters can be described as small cities within large cities or metropolises. Due to the comprehensive infrastructure of the quarters, their life takes place predominantly within the quarter.

Extension building planning

Extensions are structural additions to an existing real estate object. This can be, for example, a storey or an extension.

Moving service

Moving is no longer just about quickly moving the furniture from A to B. The old apartment often still needs some cosmetic repairs. Often there are still some cosmetic repairs to be done in the old apartment (the apartment handover is specified in the lease).

Submetering / Smart Metering

Submetering is an automated method of recording energy consumption. The time-consuming and resource-intensive reading of electricity meters, for example, can be significantly reduced.

Space & Workplace Management

Every business, from investment banks to retail stores, relies on their physical space to perform their core functions and ensure a smooth workflow.

Robotic Process Automation / RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to electromechanical machines or virtual agents that automate manual, recurring and rule-based processes.

Portfolio analysis

In the real estate industry, a portfolio analysis is usually a combination of a technical and commercial analysis. Important aspects such as building condition, profitability and marketability are evaluated here for each property or neighborhood.

Building services equipment / BSE

Building services equipment (BSE) comprises all technical systems installed in the building as well as technical systems outside that are used within a building.

Insurance management

Real estate and housing companies are faced with the challenge of ensuring optimal property coverage and fast, customer-oriented claims handling for their clients, such as tenants and investors.

ERP System / Master data maintenance

Due to increasing complexity within the processes and structures of a modern company, so-called enterprise resource planning systems (ERP systems) have become indispensable.

Smart Home Services

Ideally, a smart home system is an unobtrusive companion in everyday life that links individual devices and can be intuitively controlled via app, wireless switch or even voice assistance.

Traffic safety obligation

The duty to ensure road safety stipulates that the owner of a property is responsible for ensuring that no one is harmed on the property. A breach of this duty can quickly become expensive for those responsible.

Tree inspections / Digital tree cadastre

Tree inspections are a major duty of road safety, as tree owners are legally obligated to ensure that their tree does not pose a danger. This also applies to private individuals and trees in private gardens.

Age-appropriate living

Age-appropriate living refers to a form of housing in which older people are enabled to live a barrier-free and comfortable life. The residents should be able to live independently and self-determined as long as possible.

Mobility offers

The demand for mobility not only influences companies in the service sector, but is also increasingly spreading to other areas, such as the real estate industry.

Rent index representation

The rent index is a reference for determining the local comparative rent. This protects tenants from unjustified rent increases and, on the other hand, ensures the economic viability of residential property.

Deposit management

Rental deposits are essential as security in the context of a rental, and yet are often only a necessary evil. Currently (as of June 2022), more than 30 billion euros are stored as cash deposits in bank accounts in Germany and are thus denied to the real economy.

Real estate reporting / Real estate controlling

Real estate controlling is important in all phases of a property. It ranges from acquisition or development to permanent analysis of profitability during the management phase.

Building visualization

A proper building visualization arouses emotions in the potential buyer and can thus also contribute to the intended real estate sale. Building visualizations are therefore an important part of the marketing process of, among others, architects, builders or real estate agents.

Building modernization / Real estate modernization

One focus of building modernization is energy modernization. This includes changing the energy sources of heating systems and implementing decentralized energy supply concepts with renewable energy sources.

Digital twin / Digital asset

In the real estate industry, such a twin provides space for all relevant information, such as planning and contract data or information about the technical building equipment. A digital twin can also be used to visualize the actual state of a property.

Apartment acceptance / Apartment handover

The apartment acceptance, or the apartment handover are important dates, where the landlord or the property management accurately documents the condition of the rented apartment.

CDE development / Common Data Environment

CDE (Common Data Environment) is a collaborative workspace where all data of a building is collected and managed during its lifecycle.

CAFM / Computer-Aided Facility Management

The term CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) refers to software solutions that facilitate the tasks of facility management.

CAD / Computer Aided Design

CAD (computer aided design) is a hardware and software system used in the development and documentation of real objects.

Elevator management

There are currently around 750,000 elevators in Germany, and the number is rising. Due to a shortage of building space, commercial, office and residential buildings are increasingly being built at heights, which is why efficient and trouble-free elevator systems are becoming more and more important.

New construction planning / Architecture

From the brainstorming and planning to the final realization, the construction of a property is a complex process. Numerous decisions have to be made that will last in the long term.

Rental accounting / Receivables management

Bad debts negatively affect the profitability of a property. In addition, they are often associated with further measures to clear the property.

Reporting obligation

In the event of a change of tenant, the obligation to register becomes particularly relevant for real estate management companies. For example, landlords or property management companies must issue new tenants with a certificate of occupancy or a landlord's certificate.

Tenant service / Resident service

The focus of tenant service or resident service is primarily on matters relating to housing. This includes efficient processing of damage reports and reliable cooperation with the relevant tradesmen.

Customer relationship management / CRM

Good relationships are enormously important in the real estate industry, for example, in order to have prices assessed fairly. However, these relationships must be maintained, with the help of a well-functioning customer relationship management (CRM).

Energy services

In the case of energy services, the focus is more on the service, i.e. the benefit, than on the energy used. For example, the goal of heating real estate is not to supply heat but to provide a comfortable temperature.

Document management

Document management is about the administration of documents in the company. The flow of information here should be as efficient as possible.

Ancillary charge statement

The management of a property incurs costs for the owner. However, he does not have to pay for them alone in the case of a rental.


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a collaborative process for creating a 3D virtual prototype of a construction project, including the building-specific properties (physical or functional).

Complaint management

Today, professional complaint management is essential for offering good customer service. It can also mitigate the threat of loss of image and sales.

Meter management

Unknown meters are a widespread problem in the real estate world. As a result, a lot of potential remains unused in terms of energy optimization.

Real estate purchase and sale

The sale and also the search for a suitable property are time-consuming. In addition, the sale of real estate and the purchase of a new property are often connected, as residential property is usually sold first in order to buy a new property from the proceeds.

Construction site coordination

In the context of construction site coordination, also known as construction site management, there are already many sub-steps that have been digitized or can be digitized. For others, however, implementation strategies are still lacking.

Real estate valuation

The real estate appraisal prepares expert opinions and calculates the value of a real estate object. Increasingly more object data can be taken into account.

Facility management

Since there is permanent downward price competition in the facility management market environment, market participants are particularly challenged to develop potential exit scenarios.

Real estate management

In real estate management, the scope of duties is particularly broad and extensive. A great deal of data and information must be filed, stored and organized in such a way that it can be retrieved in an easily accessible manner.

Activity management

Digital communication gives activity management an increasingly important role. Here, all tasks that have already been completed and those that still need to be completed, as well as deadlines and other tasks, are managed centrally in one system.

Maintenance management

Certain maintenance activities are necessary to maintain property value and habitability. Measures such as repair, maintenance or inspection and repair ensure the long-term functionality of buildings.

Marketing process

When selling or renting a property, it is not enough to simply publish a property offer. This is followed by the decisive step: marketing the property.

Access system

Key management is a high administrative and logistical cost for housing companies. Particularly when there is a change of tenant, the processes surrounding the handover of keys are very time-consuming, as many different parties are involved

Energetic building modernization

Energy-efficient refurbishment is now widespread. It includes modernization measures with the aim of saving energy, for example in the area of heating, hot water or ventilation.

Craftsman inheritance

For many property management companies, commissioning tradesmen is a very time-consuming process that requires a great deal of coordination.

Building renovation

Probably the biggest challenge in the remediation industry is the complexity of the remediation itself. Every house, every apartment is different, so there are usually no standard solutions. Therefore, the performance of the craftsman on site is always necessary.

Construction site monitoring

For about 10 years, construction site monitoring has been undergoing a major change from manual to automatic measurements, i.e. construction site monitoring. In construction site monitoring, the progress of a construction site is monitored and logged.

Real estate financing

Like many other business areas, real estate financing is undergoing digital transformation. Up to now, this business area has mainly been carried out in the classic analog way.

Rental process

A key factor for any real estate management, whether residential or commercial, is high occupancy of existing properties, ideally without vacancies.

Interface management

In today's world, more and more programs are interacting with each other, so interfaces are becoming more important. If these interfaces are managed correctly, they contribute to the business success of the company.

Tenant communication

In real estate management, tenant communication is closely linked to other business processes such as maintenance, praise or complaint management, and utility billing.

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