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3D printing solutions in the construction industry

Welcome to the future of construction. We are bringing 3D concrete printing to the modern construction site on a grand scale so that you can build faster, more cost-effectively and with less use of materials. We offer you everything you need for this as part of our holistic overall solution: From 3D printers and other useful equipment to the expertise you need to start planning and implementing your first construction projects straight away. With ten fully approved 3D printing construction projects in Germany, Austria and the USA to date, we have shown that the advantages of the technology can already be utilised by innovative and forward-looking construction companies today. Translated with (free version)

Why build with a 3D printer?

The construction industry is facing major challenges: Productivity has been stagnating for decades, there is a shortage of skilled labour and the demand for affordable housing has long exceeded what the industry can provide. New solutions are therefore needed – such as 3D concrete printing. Thanks to a new level of automation, buildings such as detached houses and apartment blocks can be constructed faster, more cost-effectively and with fewer materials in the long term. At the same time, jobs on the construction site will also become much more attractive for young skilled workers. In addition, 3D printing offers a previously unseen degree of design freedom that benefits architects, planners and residents.

Peri 3D Construction and WGB Lünen

In Lünen, an apartment block is being built using 3D printing technology to create affordable living space. The project, which is subsidised by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, aims to reduce construction costs and combines modern technology with traditional construction methods.

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