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Building check – we make the renovation backlog transparent

With the mobile application options of our software, we show the traffic light for each building: green is ‘OK’, yellow means ‘plan’, orange ‘act soon’, red ‘act immediately’. We support you from recording to planning.

All building check functions at a glance


Digital and mobile structural condition assessment of existing properties.

Specialist information

Up-to-date & sustainable expertise from the industry.

Remediation expenses

Reliable results on the amount of refurbishment costs.

Diagnostic reports & data exchange

Automated reporting on inspections and simple GAEB export.

Plan4 Software and the Evangelical Church of Baden-Württemberg

The PropTech start-up PLAN4 offers a software-based solution to make building refurbishment digital and more efficient. One of its customers is the Evangelical Church of Baden-Württemberg, an example of cooperation that Dr Hendrik Seibel, Managing Director of PLAN4 Software GmbH, talks about in an interview with Christoph Baier. He also provides valuable tips and tricks for successful collaborations, both for start-ups and companies.

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