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Intelligent sensor technology for good indoor air

20,000 breaths per day. Every single one of them influences how we feel – physically and mentally.

We spend a lot of time indoors. If many people frequent the rooms, it is important to ensure good air quality. In schools, kindergartens, daycare centres and offices.

RYSTA Protect reliably measures the quality of indoor air using the following values:

CO2 content

Air pressure



Sound level


RYSTA and TM Ausbau

Together with Immobilienmanager, we at Ambivation want to give start-ups a stage to present their innovation potential with our PropTech / ConTech video interviews. At the same time, we want to show the property industry new solutions to existing challenges and problems and build bridges between companies and start-ups in a culturally methodical way. Today we are talking to Julia Gebert from the ConTech startup RYSTA and her cooperation partner Mr Berger from the company TM Ausbau about construction site monitoring.

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